Espresso 2,80

Espresso doppio 3,20

Caffè americano 2,80

Caffè macchiato 3,20

Soft drinks

Coca cola – Coca cola Zero 3,80

Acqua frizzante ½ Lt 5

(San Pellegrino)

Crodino 7

(Aperitivo free alcohol)

Orange Juice 5



Moretti 8

Peroni 8

Beer 0% 6,50

(Free alcohol)

White wines

Rethink 2020 9,50 / 40

(Schmitt & Söhne, Mosel, Germany / Riesling)

Medium dry, fresh, crisp and fruity with balanced acidity.

Bianco di Ceparano 2021 (V) 12 / 51

(Fattoria la Zerbina, Romagna / Albana)

Fresh and vibrant with citrus notes and a clean, crisp finish.

Pecorino d’Abruzzo 2019 12,50 / 52

(Codice Vino, Abruzzo / Pecorino)

Fruity, fragrant, and pleasantly mellow. Beautifully balanced and structured.

Vermentino 2020 (V) 13,50 / 63

(La Spinetta, Toscana / Vermentino)

Attractive and inviting with citrus and stone fruits. Bold acidity with a persistent finish.

Roero Arneis 2020 (V) 67

(La Spinetta, Toscana / Arneis)

Generous notes of stone fruit and citrus. Aromatic with bold acidity.

Nascetta 2019 (V) 15 / 69

(Matteo Correggia, Roero / Nascetta)

Perfumed, floral and herbal with notes of tropical fruit. Skin contact white vinified in amphora.

Le Vaglie 2021 15 / 69

(Stefano Antonucci, Jesi nelle Marche / Verdicchio)

Fresh, savoury, citrus notes, medium persistence, very balanced.

Timorasso Derthona 2021 (V) 70

(La Spinetta, Piemonte / Timorasso)

Full bodied, aromatic, and acidic. Complex with strong notes of tropical fruit.

Tenute del Cabreo La Pietra 2018 90

(Tenute Folonari, Toscana / Chardonnay)

Big, bold, and oaky.

Batar 2011 (V) 125

(Querciabella, Toscana / Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc)

Luscious full-bodied, yet soft wine, with gentle tannins and balanced acidity.

Rosé di Casanova 2021 (V) 61

(La Spinetta, Toscana / Sangiovese, Prugnolo Gentile)

Spicy, complex character and full body, but very crisp and clean. Flavorful, sexy and fresh.

Red wines

Poggio Al Casone Chianti Superiore 2018 Organic (V) 9,50 / 40

(Castellani, Toscana / Sangiovese, Canaiolo)

Intense, round, ripe fruitiness with light, dry tannins, and a smooth finish.

Soraie Rosso Veneto 2020 11 / 49

(Cecilia Beretta, Veneto / Merlot, Corvina, Croatina, Cabernet Sauvignon)

Intense ripe red fruits and berries with a generous spiciness.

S-Cétt Sangiovese 2019 (V) 12 / 50

(Tenuta Santa Lucia, Romagna / Sangiovese)

Warm and complex with notes of cherry, red fruits, and berries.

Bansella 2019 59

(Prunotto, Nizza, Piemonte / Barbera)

Rich and robust with hints of oak and spices.

Mongrana 2018 (V) 14 /65

(Querciabella, Toscana / Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot)

Complex and intense with rich red fruit and a touch of integrated oak.

Langhe Nebbiolo (V) 17 / 79

(La Spinetta, Piemonte / Nebbiolo)

Light and dry with subtle flavors of tar, rose and earth. Sour and sensual.

Marzieno 2012 (V) 17 / 80

(Fattoria la Zerbina, Romagna / Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese)

Bold and developed. Complex and intense.

Barolo Serralunga 2015 80

(Paolo Manzone, Piemonte / Nebbiolo)

Beautifully balanced and structured. Delicate notes of rose and red berries. Dry, gentle tannins.

Barbaresco 2015 85

(Prunotto, Piemonte / Nebbiolo)

Dry and intense, sour cherries and tight tannins.

Due Sorelle Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2015 100

(Tenute Folonari, Brunello di Montalcino / Sangiovese)

Intense and concentrated, very fruity aromas, accentuated by delicate sweet nuances.

Sassontino 2006 (V) 120

(La Spinetta, Toscana / Sangiovese)

Aromas of blackberries and dark fruit, minerals and dried flowers, full bodied, with superb tannins.

Barbaresco vigneto Starderi 2008 (V) 270

(La Spinetta, Piemonte / Nebbiolo)

Light ruby red, elegant, refined, nuances of citrus, dried violet, dark fruit, flowers, spices, ripe wild berries.

Barbaresco vigneto Gallina 2006 (V) 270

(La Spinetta, Piemonte / Nebbiolo)

Ruby red tending to gardet, rich, complex nose, red fruit, oriental spices, leather, tobacco.

Barolo vigneto Campe` 2008 (V) 280

(La Spinetta, Piemonte / Nebbiolo)

Ruby red, rich, powerful, noted of peppermint, red berrieshints of plum jam, star anise, rose petals.

Barbaresco vigneto Valeirano 2008 (V) 270

(La Spinetta, Piemonte / Nebbiolo)

Intense ruby red with orange reflections, deep, well-structured, persistent, fine tannins, cocoa, mineral notes.

Rosé wines

Rose di Casanova 2021 (V) 61

(La Spinetta, Toscana / Sangiovese, Prugnolo Gentile)

Spicy, complex character and full body, but very crisp and clean. Flavorful, sexy and fresh.

Liquori & Whisky

Campari 7

Limoncello 7

Amaretto 8


Amaro 8,50


Sambuca 8


Fernet Branca/ Jägermeister 7

Brandy Vecchia Romagna 7

Amaro Cynar 7

Amaro Averna 7

The Dundee 7,50

(Scotch Whisky)

Tomintoul 10 years 11

(Single malt Scotch Whisky)


Jermann 11

(Silvio Jermann)

Il Vallo 14


Sperss 15


Tre Soli 17


Bric de Gaian 19


Pin 12

(La Spinetta)

Bricco Quaglia 12

(La Spinetta)


Mediterranean Gin Tonic 14

Pink kyrö Gin + mediterranean Fever Tree

Negroni (V) 13

Contratto Vermouth & Bitter + Bombey Gin

Aperitif (Contratto) 13

Contratto aperitif + Prosecco + orange slice

Campari Spritz 12

Campari + Prosecco + orange slice

Crodino 7

Aperitivo free alcohol

Gin Tonic 13

Hendrick’s Gin + Premium Indian fever tree

Negroni Originale 11

Martini Rosso + Campari + Bombey Gin

Aperol Spritz 12

Aperol + Prosecco

Americano 12

Campari + Contratto Vermouth + soda

Sparkling wines

Prosecco Rose’ Spumante Extra Dry Millesimato 2020 7 / 37

(Pasqua, Veneto / Glera, Pinot Nero)

Elegant, fresh and fruity with hints of raspberry.

Conegliano Valdobbiadene Brut Millesimato 2021 7,50 / 45

(Cecilia Beretta, Veneto / Glera, Prosecco)

Dry with crisp acidity, low sugar and plenty of fruit and character.

Millesimato Pas Dosé 2017 (V) 75

(Contratto, Piemonte / Pinot Nero, Chardonnay)

Floral and citrus scents with great structure and freshness.

Franciacorta Brut (V) 15 / 85

(Ferghettina, Franciacorta / Chardonnay, Pinot Noir)

Delicate notes of fruits, white flowers, and nuts. Savoury, fresh and harmonious.

For England Blanc de Noir Pas Dosé 2015 (V) 105

(Contratto, Alta Langa / Pinot Nero)

Complete and elegant, with surprising minerality. Hints of citrus with fragrant notes of jasmine.

Franciacorta Milledi Brut 2016 (V) 125

(Ferghettina, Franciacorta / Chardonnay)

Citrus notes with delicate minerality and long persistent finish.

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