Pane e cipolla (V) 6

Sliced bread with caramelized onion, cappers and parsley.

Gorgonzola e pere 12

Warm melted gorgonzola cheese with caramelized pear and bread.

Guanciale e balsamico 30 anni 12

Warm pig’s cheek with drops of 30 years old balsamic vinegar of Modena and bread.

Pecorino di fossa (G) 10

Sheep’s pit cheese and marmalade.

Burrata 11

125gr Organic burrata with olive oil EVO, Maldon sea salt flakes, black pepper, rucola and bread.

Insalatina mista (G)(V) 6

Radicchio, frisse, red onion and dressing.

Alici marinate 11

Anchovies marinated in white vinegar with olive oil EVO and bread.

Gamberi piccanti 10

Tiger prawns pouched in bell pepper, olive oil EVO garlic and chilli sauce served with bread.

Cauliflower miracle 12

Cauliflower, olive oil EVO, black truffel and bread.

Balsamico di Modena (G) 18

Extra old balsamic vinegar of 30 & 50 years tasting. We propose it with parmigiano reggiano seasoned 30

Caponata di verdure (V) 10

Braised mix vegetables, pine nuts, sultana raisins and bread.


Polipo e patate (G) 19

Octopus with potatoes cream, sweet bell peppe saucer, almonds, olive oil EVO and lemon drops.

Arrosto di manzo 24

Finnish beef cooked in low temperature served with salsa verde, vegetables and bread.

Risotto (G) 20

Every week we are serving a different risotto.

Vitello Tonnato 20

Veal, tuna, mayonnaise, cappers and lemon.

Paccheri con carciofi e nocciole (N) 19

Pasta with artichoke, cream, parmigiano reggiano 30 mounths and almonds flakes.

Gnocchi alla Norma (V) 17

Potatoes gnocchi with vegan sauce of eggplants, garlic, tomatoes, chilli and parsley.

Ceasar salad natural 19

Romaine salad, anchovies, mayonnaise, parmigiano reggiano cheese and bread.


Tiramisù (L) 8

Mascarpone, cream, cocoa, coffee and chocolate.

Fragole con panna 9

Strawberries with whipped cream.

Fragole e balsamico (V) 15

Strawberries and aceto balsamico di Modena 30 years old.

Vin santo e cantuccini (N) 15

Dessert wine with almond biscuit.

Formaggi misti (G) 13

Three kinds of cheeses with jam.

L = lactose free
V = vegan
G = gluten free
N = nuts